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The SARDA Executive was formed to create a common bond between the various disciplines of the sport. This page will hopefully give some information on the main parent body of the sport in South Africa.

  1. How is the SARDA Executive Composed?

    Two Members from each Discipline may sit on the committee, the chairman of each Discipline, plus one other senior committee member of that block.

    The current make up of SARDA is as follows:

    The committee positions are elected within the committee, and various duties accepted by each person.

  2. What are the main Functions?

    1. The executive is the main link to FAMAR and IFMAR. IFMAR being the World Governing body for the sport. FAMAR being the association South Africa belongs to as one of the 4 IFMAR blocks, this is explained on the IFMAR web site. All entries to World Championships are dealt with through these channels, as well as all international correspondence.
    2. The executive also handles the colours for drivers who qualify to attend the events overseas.

  3. How is the executive funded?

    The executive is funded by each discipline equally. The executive would determine its expenses and calculates its required income for the year.

  4. What is the executive's basic expenditure?

    The executive basic expenditure is as follows:

    • IFMAR Affiliation
    • FAMAR Affiliation
    • Insurance
    • Basic internal administration
    • Any required presentations

  5. The 2014 SARDA Executive Committee is as follows:
    • Stefan Fourie: President
    • Danie Botha: Vice President
    • Wayne Joelson: Secretary
    • Jonathan Ment: Webmaster


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